Metaphors Gone Wild: Bees and Workplace Relationships

In “The Life of the Bee,” author Maurice Maeterlinck asserts that “if the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Given the importance of the bee to our survival, we can make metaphoric applications of bee life to women in the workplace.

The larva that will become a queen is fed only royal jelly for the entire grub stage. This nutritional intake is a significant factor in determining whether a larva becomes a worker or a queen. Initially, all larvae get royal jelly, but then the diet is changed to bee bread for anyone who is not a queen in the making.

If you see yourself destined to “rule” your workplace, you should probably be considering right now what royal jelly you are ingesting in order to advance up the career ladder.

They have a negative metaphorical image, but if the barbed stinger is removed from a bee, it will tear the bee’s body apart. Viewing a stinger as a less-ferocious weapon, determine what weapons you have in your toolkit, weapons that will help you, perhaps, emerge victorious in the battle of the sexes. Or weapons that will enable you to duel with a difficult co-worker. Rather than viewing stingers as a way to decimate others, view them as ways to protect yourself and your ideas in the daily attacks that life makes upon us emotionally,

Worker bees, all of whom are female, carry out a complex dance on the honeycomb to provide their sisters with cues about the direction and distance to nectar and pollen sources. The intensity of the dance performance is relative to the abundance of food. Apply this bit of bee-knowledge to your own workplace: To what extent are you sharing knowledge with your co-workers? Are you willing to help them advance their own careers? If you believe that what goes around is destined to come around, there is every reason to act in mutually beneficial ways with your colleagues. And, if you don’t belief in the karma categories that include individual and collective results, you will perhaps by guided by your own religious beliefs. Helping others is a familiar concept in most faiths.

Pollen is packed into a hollow on the hind leg of bees. That hollow is called a pollen basket. The basket, bought, can be so loaded with nutrients that it makes the bee weighted down, causing flying difficulty if the golden ball in her leg is too large. Think about the things that may be weighing you down and yes, knowledge can be one of then. Analyze at least once a year the burdens you are carrying and determine which can be lightened.

June Singer, analytical psychologist and found of the Jung Institute of Chicago, had this to say about androgyny, the combination of male and female characteristics; “Androgyny is not trying to manage the relationship between the opposites; it is simply flowing between them.” If you are someone who is able to “flow” among the various kinds of relationships in the typical workplace, you will no doubt apply the lessons to be learned from bees to your own personal and professional lives.

Dr. Marlene Caroselli is an author, keynoter, and corporate trainer whose clients include Lockheed Martin, Allied Signal, Department of the Interior, and Navy SEALS. She writes extensively about education, business, self-improvement, and careers and has adjuncted at UCLA and National University. Her first book, The Language of Leadership, was named a main selection by the Executive Book Club. Principled Persuasion, a more recent title, was designated a Director’s Choice by the Doubleday Book Club. Applying Mr. Albert: 365+ Einstein-Inspired Brain Boosts, her 62nd book, will be released by HRD Press in 2018.

Who Is A True Feminist?

One of the current wars where the minority is trying to impose their belief and conviction on the majority through bullying is the issue of Feminism. The self acclaimed feminists flaunt the facts-or lack thereof-in your face and dare you to disagree with them and face attacks. Most times, as Jonathan Swift the humorist is would say, the difference in opinion is usually over things indifferent. But Feminism goes beyond their narrow prejudices. It shall be my endeavor in this article to throw a little light on the role of the female in all parts of creation, and particularly the Human female in the Physical world.

Once again I am constrained to go back to the point of big bang. At this height were the two species of spirit-male and female-separated, for in the Divine realm there is no male or female for they are sexless. Hence the Archangels, for example, are sexless by virtue of the fact that they are found in the Divine realm. But there exist a prototype of womanhood even in the Divine realm, and She and those that dwell in the Garden of Virtues, part of her kingdom, possess feminine attributes.

At the summit of creation, and every descending plane thereof, the woman appears before the man as a necessary bridge. This is done right up to the physical world. Because of the higher nature of the woman soul, they thus become bridges through which new souls are incarnated on earth. This is because they are half a step above the man, and thus can pass as a transmitting channel to new offspring. Being finer in intuition and more delicate therefore, it is imperative that Man was incarnated first on earth as rougher and coarser copy of humanity. It is only after the incarnation and birth of man through highly evolved Apes (see my article Evolution vs Creation) that the woman followed. This was captured allegorically in the Biblical account of how man was created first, and woman created from his ribs. Thus in the link upwards, woman has a stronger connection with the beyond. Her activity is much more soft and spiritually higher than that of Man. What she lost in physical strength she makes up in spiritual strength.

It is therefore ridiculous for Women to seek equality with men-akin to a man insisting he is equal to his gate-man.

Unfortunately that is how it is today on earth. Women want to do coarser jobs on earth because according to them, what a man can do, a woman can do better. Even in practical terms it is impossible, for no woman can urinate across a gutter, and, despite the struggles of science, no man can get pregnant and have the child, unless he is a distorted soul, that is, he is a female soul in a male body. (See my articles on abortion, and the gay question).

Critical Thinking: Do Some Feminists Help To Perpetuate The “Woman Are Too Emotional” Stereotype?

Recently, ‘walk-on girls’ and ‘grid girls’ have received a lot of exposure in the mainstream media. The main reason for this is that these women are no longer going to be able to do these jobs.

While these women, as well as other women, are not happy about this; there are other women who are pleased with what has taken place. Some of the women who are pleased with this are ‘feminists’.


It would then be easy to believe that this is an outcome that all feminists are on a board with. And, as these are supposed to be women who care about women’s rights, they must know what is best for women.

This is not the case, though; as there are a number of feminists who have condemned what has taken place. For these women, what has taken place goes against what they stand for; which is for women to be free to live their own life.

Another Barrier

These ‘walk-on girls’ and ‘ring girls’ will have made the decision to work in this kind of industry, yet this is no longer possible. But the reason that this is no longer possible is not because of the so-called ‘patriarchy’; no, it is because of what other women have done.

It could then be said that these feminists are not interested in “liberating” women – this is just an act. What these feminists want is for women to live in a way that is in alignment with their own views about how a woman should live her life.


One then has to wonder what it is that motivates these feminists to do what they do and if they are even aware of their true motives. Someone like this can make out that they care about women and want to make their life better.

Perhaps, if they were to step back and to look into what is taking place within them, they may find that they feel completely powerless. Their need to control how other women live their life is then a way for them to experience control.

Bad Press

Clearly, when so many feminists behave in this manner it is not going to do feminism any favours. Still, it could be said that it was only a matter of time before these feminists turned on the people they were supposed to help.

Men in general have long been a target of these kinds of feminists, so it is to be expected that they would move onto having a go at women. Based on how these feminists behave, it might be a good idea for them to let go of their need to change the world and to deal with their inner world instead.


This is then similar to how someone can gently prod a dog and nothing will happen, but if they go further, the dog will turn around and bite them. In the same way, men have been verbally abused by these feminists for years and nothing has really happened, but as these feminists have gone one step further and started to undermine women, they may find that it becomes harder for them to get away with this kind of behaviour.

If this is what takes place, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to realise why this has taken place. Due to the fact that these kinds of feminists often lack-self awareness, there is a strong chance that they will play the victim.

The Usual Approach

This can then be seen as a sign of how oppressed they are, as opposed to the fact that they played a part in their own downfall. What this scenario has a lot in common with is when a bully provokes someone and, after the days and weeks go by, this person ends up fighting back and beating them up.

Yet, instead of the bully realising why this has happened, they make out that they are the victim. It can then as if this type of feminist is oblivious to when they are victimising others, but is only too aware of when they are being victimised (or think they are being victimised),

This can show that they only able to function in one of two ways; either they are the victim or they are the perpetrator. There is no other way for them to experience life.

Another Example

And when they are on TV, for instance, it is often a challenge for them to control themselves. Or if they don’t come across as being emotionally out of control, they might come across as though they are dead inside.

When it comes to the former, they are going to find it hard to think rationally and they are likely to look crazy, which will cause some people to believe that all feminists are insane. But it doesn’t end there, as this kind of behaviour is going to have a negative effect on how some men perceive women.

Black and White Thinking

Now, it could be said that very few feminists are like this and not many women are like this either, so it shouldn’t matter what a small minority do. However, one of the main reasons why they will have a negative effect on this movement and women comes down to the amount of exposure they receive.

For example, a man can believe that “women are too emotional”, and after watching one of these feminists on TV, it is going to validate what he believes. His mind is then going to block out examples of when women don’t behave in this manner, yet this is going to be no different to what happens when a feminist believes that all men are bad or rapists, for instance.


If every feminist had the same agenda and was a mentally balanced human being, it might be easier for this movement to create the right impression. What is clear is that it is going to be far better for this movement if the only feminists that are given a platform are the mentally sound ones.

Having feminists on TV, who should probably be working on their own issues and not on trying to change the world, is going to do more harm than good. The trouble is that as they lack self-awareness and are running away from themselves, it can be incredibly difficult for them to get the help that they desperately need – in the same way that an addict is often the last person to believe that they have a problem.

Prolific writer, author, and coach, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over one thousand six hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice.